Saturday, October 6, 2018

Tips to Properly Clean Your Laptop

Laptop and Mobile Phone Repairs have become a common affair these days. There is not even a single day when the repair shops do not have iPad glass repair to be done. Phone fix Darwin claims that the major reason for the same is that people have become careless. To be more careful you need to pay attention towards the device that you have. One aspect of taking care is maintaining cleanliness. Here are the tips to properly clean your laptop.

Properly clean your keyboard
When you find that the keys of your laptop’s keyboard has started sticking, then you ought to realize that it is time for cleaning.  Simply shut down the laptop and twist it open and turn it upside-down. Now very gently and carefully you need to tap on the back. This way all the crumbs will fall out. Next you need to make use of the can of compressed air that is easily available in the market to blow out in case there is something still left inside. Again turn your laptop upside-down and then tap it gently again so as to get the remaining bits out.

Properly clean the screen
If you can sense dirt on your screen, then it is an indicator that your screen requires a little cleaning. Make use of the dry, microfiber cloth similar to one at the optometrist's office or available for purchase in the market. Now you need to swing it to the circular motion and be gentle while you do so to avoid any sort of a pressure. You can also make a solution to clean the screen at home by mixing distilled water with white vinegar in equal proportions and then put it into the spray bottle and clean the screen after switching the laptop off.

All in all, these are the tips to properly clean your laptop that you need to follow.


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